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Windsor, Ontario

Abe Arabi is an automotive professional with over 13 years of experience specializing in vehicle manufacturing, quality management, quality control/engineering, and process reliability. Abe holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, which he obtained from the University of Windsor, Ontario in 2003. Abe also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in General Science, also obtained from the University of Windsor in 1998.

Abe is the President and CEO of Ramaka Solutions, a company that he proudly founded in 2015 when he successfully fulfilled his lifelong aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur. Abe launched his own e-commerce store on Amazon.com, designing and developing his own brand of lunch bags that became Amazon Best Sellers in the process, and now generate a 6-figure income.

The success of Abe’s Amazon business enabled him to walk away from a high-profile, rapidly progressing corporate career with a major automotive manufacturer. Abe left his 6 figure salary to focus his time and energy on expanding his business, and now works for a small automotive company that has an entrepreneurial mindset and a management philosophy that is more congruent with Abe’s beliefs and life priorities.

Abe lives in Windsor, Ontario with his wife and 3 children. Abe is actively engaged in the online Amazon community, helping dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs like himself build their Amazon businesses from the ground floor. Abe is currently working on design and development of 2 brand new Amazon products that he hopes to launch by the end of 2016. Thanks to the extreme popularity of the Ramaka Solutions lunch bag brand in the USA, Abe has recently expanded into the Canadian and UK markets!


Ramaka Solutions


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