As advertised. Very pleased with this product. Quality materials and solid construction. Expect it will last a long time.
Amy in Cincinnati

Excellent bag that I use for all kinds of food, drinks, veggies, fruits. I use the side pockets for keys, sunscreen, even my Kindle!

This lunch bag is everything I needed it to be. It is large enough for me to pack both a breakfast and a lunch for work. It keeps food cold long enough that there my afternoon snack is still cold at 3pm. The pockets on the outside are large enough for water bottles so that they don’t take up room on the inside. It is simple. It is elegant. It is all that I need an so much more.

On a side note: the customer service that I received from Ramaka Solutions was outstanding. When I initially purchased the lunch bag, one of the zippers was defective. I emailed the customer service address and received a prompt response and a new lunch bag in the mail withing 3 business days.

With a quality product and great customer service,a five star review is a must for this lunch bag.

Amazon Customer

This lunch bag is the perfect size to allow me to bring all of my salad ingredients to work in reusable containers. The strap is great for carrying off my shoulder AND it is not in the way if I want to use the handle to carry. I love everything about this bag. They even had a fun purple color for me. Nice design! đŸ™‚


I was very happy when I found this bag, since I had trouble finding one tall enough to fit my 24oz water bottles. It is in fact the perfect bag for my needs. Unfortunately, when the bag arrived (on time), some of the stitching was poorly done, not all of it, but along the top and bottom seams. I was disappointed, but decided to keep it since it was usable. I emailed the Seller to inform him of the problem. The Seller’s response was immediate. He apologized and offered a replacement, which was shipped immediately. The new bag is flawless, and I recommend this item. I am truly impressed with this Seller’s dedication to his customer’s satisfaction and I highly recommend this Seller.

Kim Pezzeti

I am very happy with this lunch bag. It is tall enough to stand drinks upright and I’ve gotten up to 3 liter size in it (so far) with plenty of room for everything else. The multiple pockets allow me a place to pack up all my husbands necessities (cell phone, wallet, glasses/sun glasses). It is so roomy you don’t have to worry about stuff getting squashed. Excellent product that suited our needs perfectly.

Maridean Maples

This has proven to be a huge help in getting my husband organized every morning before work and on his way home. He puts his lunch, snacks, a headlamp and other small useful items in this with plenty of room to spare. It’s comfortable for transport and keeps things from being thrown about in his car. On his way home, he has his lunch containers and he picks up the mail on his way home. No more full hands and needing a third to carry everything. He loves the design and it’s usefulness.

D. Neilson

This is a perfect bag for what I needed! It fits my 32 oz water bottle with plenty of room for my lunch items. I like the zipper net that holds the blue ice. My lunch remains cold 8 hours after packing it (that’s when I eat it. It is still cold after that). The side pockets are large enough to hold a 20 oz thermos. There is also a front pocket that I use for eating utensils. I have a long walk to work. This bag fits comfortably cross-body. I am very happy with my purchase.

Sharon L. Albright

Purchased this insulated bag to pack my dinner in to take to work. I really love it! It has plenty of space inside the large zippered area for all of my food and ice packs. The mesh side pockets and zippered pocket hold lots of additional stuff like utensils, hand soap, protein bars, etc. The adjustable strap is very comfortable on my shoulder. Everything is sewn together really well. I don’t have anything bad to say about this bag, and I expect to get a lot of use from it. Thank you, Ramaka solutions, for such a great product!!

Deborah J Bianco

This is just what I wanted – a lunch bag not too small and not too big. It is just as advertised.

Judi Postlethwait

LU-UH-UV this! It is soooooo big! I could not believe just how much stuff a person can take to work or on a long day trip! This is gigantic! Ginormous! This is the lunch bag of the century. Husbands everywhere should be lining up to get one. I’ll tell ya what. The extra stitching makes it solid. The zipper is strong and reliable. The padded shoulder is a plus. The netted slots on sides and inside to give you more availability. UH HU!
The waterproof bag means you can carry ice packs or even cubes for that matter and it don’t matter a bit if you’re caught in the rain…well, the bag won’t care!

Overall a super duper awesome bag that every man shown own!

Happy customer!!


This bag is much larger than my other bags, and it easily holds both breakfast and lunch. I like the addition of the zippered mesh pouch at the top that I use to hold a freezer pack.


The size is very good. It works for my needs. The zippers and colors are also very good. There is nothing really wrong with this product. It can actually be better if they can have a plastic hard liner in their future line of lunch boxes. In any case, I will buy this product again.

Cool Aurel

This product easily exceeded my expectations. Ever since I got this product in my mail, I have used as a lunch bag but as well as a cooler for soft drinks. Cant ask for more for the price. Definitely product to recommend to others.


The lunch bag is wide enough so that my Tupperware doesn’t have to be tilted when packed. There are pockets under the lid, both sides, and front for extra storage. The inner linings make it easy to clean with water if spills occur. I like the option to carry it by hand or shoulder. Highly recommended!

Carrie LD

I would just like to Thank you people at Ramaka Solutions for designing an amazing cooler. It fits both my shaker bottles and to small supplement jars. And my energy bars fit nicely in inner net within the top. This bag is ideal for taking lunch and what I said before. Awesome cooler!


Been looking for the perfect size lunch bag for my husband. First, I thought the bag was not going to be big enough, but when I packed my husband’s lunch, I was happy to see it fit a lot of things. We are extremely happy with this bag!

Amazon Customer

I’ve only been using it for a week or so, but I am happy with it so far. I like to store food in various sized mason jars, and this is roomy enough to hold a few, along with fruit, sandwich, etc.

Amazon Customer

My experience was a positive one. I was skeptical at first and wasn’t sure my hungry men TV dinners would fit. To my surprise everything fit perfectly. I love the extra pockets provided. I have been using this bag for over a week now and I use this bag for my lunches at work. I have a 30 min drive and the items were well insulated when I got it to the freezer. The feeling I got to know my food hadn’t melted made me so happy. I have had other bags before and none of them were able to handle my bigger food items, this product really has some great benefits such as the space to pack all my items. Overall very pleased.

Adam Barnett

I have been using this lunch bag almost every day since I purchased it, and so far I am very happy with it. The insulation is thick, the top zipper feels solid, and it has more than enough room to pack a generous lunch (with an afternoon snack included!). The only negative thing is that the shoulder strap has a max length of about 3ft/1m, which is great it you like carrying your lunch bag under your arm, but completely useless if you don’t want it touching your armpit at all times (I just use the top carry handle instead).

Cameron Culver

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